Sunday Feb. 11 2018

Today, our colleagues Steven Goderis (VUB) and Matthias Van Ginneken (ULB) are leaving Cape Town to Antarctica.  If weather permitting (as usual in Antarctica), after a short stay at the Russian air base, they will arrive on the new airfield Perseus located ~60 km away from Princess Elizabeth station. Steven and Matthias will look for micrometeorites around the Belgian station. Micrometeorites are obviously meteorites, but less than 2 mm size (more info can be found in the attached file). Because of their small size, they contain information sometimes different and thus complementary compared to meteorites. The cold and dry climate of Antarctica is ideal for preserving those fragile stones from space. They will brush cracks in rocks to collect dust, a mixture of terrestrial and extraterrestrial material. Micrometeorites will be recovered later in the lab by magnetic separation and hand-picking under microscope.



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